Sno-cat -

A Sno-Cat is an enclosed-cab, truck-sized, fully tracked vehicle designed to move on snow. They have a very broad assortment of uses, ranging from simple snow grooming for skiing or aesthetic purposes, passenger and equipment transport, and even drilling. Our Sno-cat services are second to none in terms of speediness, quality, and performance. When it comes to hauling, our specially designed trailer for our Sno-Cats is the only one currently in use that can haul as much as two-thousand pounds over harsh and rugged snow filled terrain. Examples of equipment that can be hauled are cell towers, power poles, utility poles, vehicles, and logging materials. Those are just a few examples of the uses for our Sno-Cats, there are many more! To find out more about our many Sno-Cat opportunities, just give us a call!


Drilling -

Tested over and over by projects we’ve done for many utility, power transmission, sign erection and construction companies, our high performance drills can provide foundation holes for just about anything. Our drills go as wide as 84 inches and as deep as 60 feet! The uses for our drills include setting the foundation for power poles, utility poles, signs, and much more. Our certified staff has the expertise needed for any job, small or large!


Transportation -

Independent Structures takes pride in our transportation services. We have 3 lowed trailers, flatbed trailers with the ability to transport any heavy equipment or construction materials. We have a seasoned team of drivers and operators that will deliver your equipment and or materials safely, quickly and “on time”


Fire and Emergency Services-

Independent Structures offers complete traffic control services 24-7 for fire and emergency service agencies. We offer temporary power & lighting solutions as well as Water trucks and Water wagons. We have heavy equipment equipped with sweeps and fire screens for fire suppression in emergency situations.


Equipment Rentals & Sales

Independent Structures also offers equipment rentals (both operated & bare). Please see our list of available equipment on our equipment pages.

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