The Sno-Cat is an enclosed-cab, truck-sized, fully tracked vehicle designed to move on snow. They have a very broad assortment of uses, ranging from simple snow grooming for skiing or aesthetic purposes, emergency rescue operations, passenger and equipment transport. Independent Structures Inc. Sno-Cat  services are second to none in terms of our experience, quality, and performance. When it comes to hauling, our specially designed trailer for our Snow Cats is the only one currently in use in Northern California. It’s two-thousand pounds capacity can transport your sensitive equipment over harsh and rugged snow filled terrain. Examples of equipment that can be hauled are cell towers, power poles, utility poles, vehicles, and microwave components. These are just a few examples of the versatility of our Sno-Cat fleet. We are currently providing service to companies such as Optima-Mastec, PG&E and many private companies with assets to maintain in No California, Oregon and Nevada.

NEW Tucker Terra Sno-Cats ® – Durable, Agile, and Strong

Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation has snow machines and accessories for every application. Articulating tracks, durability, and modern engineering provide the best snow travel and equipment solutions from the original manufacturer of over-snow transportation.

Sno-Cat Cell tower


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